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  • We know and understand how valuable your time is. Through our total Pallet Management Service, we can save you time and money by managing your pallet inventory for you. This program also includes onsite pallet sorting and repair through automated processing, trailer clean off, and commodity sorting, baling, and recycling.

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    Turn your excess and broken pallets into cash by selling them to us. We pay top dollar to buy your extra or scrap pallets and have trailers available to drop off for pallet storage. No matter the type or size or whether they need a little or a lot of repair, we are interested in purchasing them.

  • We sell a wide range of pallet options in addition to our pallet design and analysis services. The types of pallets we have available for sale include wood pallets of all sizes, quality reconditioned and re-manufactured pallets, and heat-treated and custom pallets. Contact us and let us know what your company needs!


    Company Overview


    At Mobile Pallet Service, Inc. we are committed to providing all of the pallet needs for your company. From selling you top quality pallets for the best price to delivering them to you exactly when you need them, or repairing and returning those that need to be reconditioned or remanufactured, we are here to serve you.

    It is our goal to ensure your 100% satisfaction in meeting your company’s expectations.


    Some products require more than just the traditional type of pallet, either in size or material. If this is the case for your company’s merchandise, we can analyze your specific needs and design a custom pallet that will not only be unique to your requirements, but also be more cost effective as well.

    If you have pallets that are currently unusable in their present condition, contact us and we will repair them at one of our three service centers and return them to you once they’ve again passed our high standards of strength and durability. We also offer this option as part of our Pallet Management Service which includes automatically sorting and repairing them onsite.