Pallet Recycling

Wood Pallet Recycling Solutions

What do you do with pallets that are no longer usable?

Recycling pallets at Mobile Pallet Service does not only involve reusing or remaking existing pallets serviceable again. It also means getting every possible use from the pallets’ materials once the pallets themselves are beyond repair. At this point, they are recycled to be made into something that is still useful as well as beneficial for our environment.

Once a pallet or a part of a pallet is no longer determined to be strong or durable enough to support the weight required of it, it is not destroyed. Instead, this pallet and wood waste is recycled into colored mulch or material for Playground Safety surfaces. We also offer corrugated, plastic, metal, and white goods recycling services.

Our recycling services include:

  • Pallet and wood waste recycling into colored mulch or Playground Safety surfaces
  • Corrugated, plastic, metal, white goods, and wood recycling

At Mobile Pallet Service we are committed to doing our part in conserving our national resources and promoting the “Green Initiative. Through the reuse and recycling of pallets and the materials they are made of, we are able to:

  • Reduce the energy consumption needed to manufacture new pallets.
  • Decrease the number of trees used for raw materials.
  • Add zero unnecessary waste to our landfills.
  • Prevent pollution.
  • Reduce costs.

From an entirely new pallet, to a repaired pallet, to a reconditioned pallet, to a pallet that no longer is able to serve in its original capacity, nothing is “lost”. It is simply reused in a new and responsible way.

Pallet Recycling