Pallet Repair & Return

Total Pallet Management

Do you have pallets that are unusable in their current state?  

We’ll repair them…and return them!

If you have pallets that are currently of no use in their present condition, contact us and we will repair and return them to you at one of our three service centers. Otherwise, if you simply want a more cost-effective option other than buying new pallets, our reconditioned or re-manufactured pallets may be your answer.

Our Repair and Return program provides:

  • Onsite service – through our TPM Service
  • Offsite service – at one of our 3 service centers

All pallets coming into our facility are systematically inspected to determine whether they can simply be reconditioned or need to be completely re-manufactured. Reconditioned pallets may need only a minor repair requiring new nails or slats that need replacement. Re-manufactured pallets, on the other hand, need more extensive repair that necessitates using existing parts of other pallets that are reusable to “re-manufacture” one high quality pallet.

All of our repaired pallets are closely examined and then graded before being returned. Through our quality repair and return system, we want to ensure that the pallets that our customers receive back will perform as well as when they were originally designed and built. We will only return pallets that meet our high standards of strength and durability.

For more information regarding our reconditioned and remanufactured pallets, please visit our “Sell Pallets” page or contact us for more information.